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If you’ve ever wished for a mutual fund type of investment within the crypto sphere know that your wish has come true!

CoinBundle is here and they’re offering up to $900 worth of tokens in exchange for your support. Spread the word and be ready to receive your CoinBundle (BNDL) tokens with which you’ll be able to purchase a bundle of cryptocurrencies during the upcoming beta.

It’s like having your own free money manager and a whale trade for your gain.

What’s a whale?

A whale in crypto is an individual or a group of investors with funds large enough to produce massive market waves. Whales create buy and sell walls in order to control the price, accumulate as many coins as possible and sell them at a favorable price.

The price is determined by the market which itself consists of buyers and sellers. Buyers and sellers set the price when they place their buy and sell orders. A whale or a group of whales place very large orders and thereby direct the price. Other, smaller investors follow the wave and the price goes in the direction set by the wave.

With CoinBundle, on the other hand, you are one of many investors simultaneously involved in a single trade. Imagine the possibilities…


The CoinBundle ICO is set to start this quarter and launch in Q3 2018. Toward the end of the year, BundleCards will be issued and tested. The BundleCard will include cashback and you’ll be able to make purchases with your cryptos as well as get ATM cash.

Speaking of cash…

You’ll be able to buy your cryptocurrency bundles with fiat (debit or credit card) as an alternative to the CoinBundle (BNDL) token. In other words, you can invest your cash and cash out. With CoinBundle you can purchase this crypto mutual fund with fiat money and cash out your gains back into fiat money.

A cryptocurrency investment for crypto skeptics

The explosive growth and subsequent drop of the crypto market cap back in late 2017 and early 2018, has turned many a hopeful noob (newbie) into a crypto skeptic. In order for a full crypto market recovery to take place and exceed ATH (All Time High), the crypto industry has to go mainstream.

Super affordable, super low risk and super simple crypto investment vehicles like those (soon to be) offered by CoinBundle present the ideal entry point for crypto skeptics and crypto newbies alike.

Time is money

Investing in crypto successfully requires a considerable amount of time and effort.

The crypto industry is evolving at a high pace. There’s an enormous amount of research that has to be done before even just the coin of the week, never mind the coin of the year can be discovered.

Different coins are listed on different exchanges. Signing up, transferring funds, determining the right time to invest, how much to sell for and when and if to change the order.

Diversification is a life saver

With the exception of gamblers, serious crypto traders diversify their investments as well as their investment strategies.

This means buying and selling multiple cryptocurrencies, doing the research, examining upcoming events and announcements and weighing in TA (techinical analysis) and fundamentals (company, product/service, stage of development), all at the same time.

Oh, and call it a hobby if you’re merely building a portfolio as a side.

One alternative

Let’s say that you are aware of all of the above, but wouldn’t mind having a few passive micro investments managed by professionals at no additional cost. All you’d have to do is make a deposit, set your preferences, let the gains roll in and cash out or go shopping with the card they give you.

Marketing rewards

It is common for crypto traders to pump a coin and by pumping I’m not referring to pump and dump schemes. Pumping a coin simply means promoting your investment on social media, including Twitter, Reddit and Telegram.

You want your investment to grow and you want it to grow fast so you chat with your circle about it. You let them know you’re invested and what the fuss is all about. The ones who did the research join in and the price rises over the following days, weeks or months.

The great thing about CoinBundle is that they’ll reward you for adding new investors to your bundle. You’ll earn CoinBundle (BNDL) tokens which you can use to buy more bundles, make purchases using the BundleCard or trade at an exchange.

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