Crypto payment platform TokenPay to launch Merchant Services and eFin DEX in March 2019

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The TokenPay Merchant Services platform is expected to go live next month along with TokenPay’s eFin DEX. A few days ago, TokenPay launched a domain marketplace, TokenDomains, and is feverishly working on its gambling site, CryptoBet, also to be launched in March this year.

Crypto 2019-2022

2019 might just prove to be the year of crypto. According to OnChainFX charts data, the crypto market bottom was reached 2 months ago, around December 15 2018.

Signs of accumulation are becoming obvious with a steady uptrend toward the 2020 Bitcoin halving and beyond.

Crypto custody services (Coinbase, G4S, Gemini, itBit, BNY, Börse Stuttgart, Kingdom Trust, Fidelity, Bakkt, Citigroup, BitGo, Xapo, DACC) and crypto OTC markets (Grayscale, Coinbase, Circle, SFOX, Genesis, Octagon, B2C2, XBTO) are all the craze and despite the bear market, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) averaged $2M/week in investments in Q4 2018.

Institutional money is getting on board right now with Nasdaq’s Bitcoin and Ethereum indices and TradingView’s crypto ‘to the moon’ dashboard.

Not your keys not your wallet

Security and privacy concerns following Cryptopia’s hack, QuadrigaCX’s inaccessible funds due to missing private keys and Coinmama’s data breach have, once again, placed the spotlight on decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges (DEX).

At a time when Wall Street is entering the space in a major way, crypto enthusiasts seem to be split in two groups — those who see decentralization (DEX) as the solution and others who belive that regulation (Bakkt, Fidelity, etc.) will protect their investments.

Coinbase, in response, stepped in by offering private key storage via Google Drive and iCloud, giving the pro centralized crowd an option, albeit humorous, to consider.

Binance, as the most popular (by volume) and the most profitable centralized cryptocurrency exchange, however, is taking a different path by launching Binance Chain (DEX) testnet (public testing) this month (2/20/2019). Binance Chain (DEX) listing fees are believed to be set at around $100,000 payable in Binance Coin (BNB), an ERC20 token which is 52% down from ATH and 162% up from ATL (2 months ago) making it the best performing cryptocurrency at the moment based on age, ranking, etc.

TokenPay’s eFin DEX, on the other hand, will offer free listings to popular ERC20 tokens affected by the Cryptopia hack. Although Cryptopia is still in maintenance mode as of 2/19/19, it has been concluded that TokenPay (TPAY) wallets were unaffected.

TokenPay’s eFin DEX

TokenPay’s eFin DEX, like the TokenPay (TPAY) coin, is built with an emphasis on secure, private, decentralized, P2P transactions that are easy and quick to execute and cost close to nothing (0.1%). Trading will be fee-free for TPAY, LTC, and XVG pairs.

The eFin DEX has its own non-commercial coin called EFIN (Proof Of Keys Certified) which can only be paired with TPAY and cannot be sold on its own. To sell EFIN you have to buy TPAY. The purpose of the EFIN coin is to increase TPAY liquidity by rewarding eFin DEX traders who use the platform and stake TPAY (Proof of Stake). EFIN will also be used for referral rewards, revenue sharing rewards, buy-in partnerships, and TPAY, LTC and XVG holders’ rewards.

TokenPay’s eFin DEX will initially list TRX, DGB, TPAY, LTC, XRP, XVG, BTC, ETH, EFIN, several stablecoins and a number of ERC20 tokens.

Custody will be decentralized, private keys will be held by users and registration and trading will be anonymous (Tor encryption).

Both, TPAY and EFIN are actual coins running on proprietary blockchains.

TokenPay’s eFin DEX tech specs include native Segwit, stealth addresses, ring signatures, RingCTs and the Infinitesimal Protocol.

Early bird sign up bonus

The first 50,000 eFin DEX users will get 200,000,000 EFIN coins. TBA @efinexchange

Crypto commerce

The commercial use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. You can buy and pay for pretty much anything using Bitcoin and many alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins).

Bitpay, alone, processes $1B worth of crypto payments per year and there are over 4,000 crypto ATMs on the planet and millions of online and brick and mortar businesses that accept cryptocurrencies.

Overstock and Newegg accept Bitcoin and Rakuten is about to do the same.

There are even crypto bill payment services in several countries around the world.

People in Australia and Lichtenstein can buy Bitcoin at their local post office and TradingView accepts Bitcoin for their PRO subscriptions.

Needless to say, TokenDomains accepts Bitcoin and altcoins as does ExpressVPN, the latter of which is looking to integrate TokenPay as well as a means of enhancing privacy. Both, the Tokenpay Ecosystem and ExpressVPN utilize the Tor Network — Tokenpay for Tor integrated obfuscation and ExpressVPN for their hidden service in the Tor network (a randomly layered ‘onion’ routing of Tor network servers).

Protect your privacy with the Brave Browser and DuckDuckGo when trading cryptocurrencies on Binance, Kucoin, HitBTC and QuantaDEX.

TokenPay Merchant Services

TokenPay Merchant Services are also scheduled to launch next month and offer a crypto based alternative to Amazon Seller Central giving merchants the option to sell their products using familiar tools and accept cryptocurrencies.

This step follows a partnership between TokenPay, the Litecoin Foundation, TokenPay Swiss AG and WEG Bank AG and is planned to include crypto and fiat banking solutions, merchant processing, debit cards and more in the near future.

Learn more:

TokenPay – Medium


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