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Crypto press releases are news articles about major industry developments like blockchain and cryptocurrency integrations, ICO launches and other event announcements. If you’ve just launched a project or have reached a specific milestone, you can use this old fashioned PR tool to tell the world all about your coin, ICO release/crowdsale, alpha/beta release, the latest event you’ve attended, AMA, new website, app, wallet, crowdfunding stage/result, partnership, fork, airdrop, bounty, update, upgrade, you name it.

It’s important to note that, in most cases, a press release is a newsworthy sponsored (paid) advertisement. If your project is well funded, you can publish as many press releases as you see fit, gaining new followers every step of the way.

Press release writing style

Strong, empowering, powerful delivery.
You are sharing big news about important accomplishments.

Highly concentrated info.
Stick with the report data.

Controlled repetition with no fluff whatsoever.
Leave out opinion, fillers, fluff.

Fact based with no exaggerations.
This is essential – communicate reality.

Simple to understand wording.
You are talking to the masses, make it appealing through simplification.

Crypto slang and abbreviations.
Effective in niche publications, confusing to the general public.

A press release is a public relations piece with which you are introducing your project or an aspect of it to the world of media (general public) along with the crypto space, so it’s important to find the middle ground between these two worlds. Both crowds, crypto and mainstream, may produce potential investors, as well as fans (free support) if your message resonates with both groups. Potential investors may be reading the content and contemplating whether to invest. Make it worth their time and consideration and keep in mind that you are competing with hundreds (thousands, really) of other, similar, investment opportunities.

The potential investor’s question

“What’s in it for me?”

Answer it to the point.

You are looking to grow your business and the investors are looking to grow their portfolio so show them what you have achieved so far. Be concise. Be strategic, concrete, to the point. Stick with the stats.

The press release


The headline is the crown jewel of your press release. It sets the tone and tells the reader about an action that is taking place right now or in the immediate future. The best headline says it all while simultaneously evoking curiosity.

Sharethrough Headline Analyzer | FREE

Header image

Right underneath the headline, the reader discovers a spectacular representation of your brand/message in visual form. This is FinTech so the image has to be as clear, sharp and as memorable as the news announcement. Most often, this is the only image people will see. You may include a second piece of visual media at the very end of your press release and preferably below the contact info. That can be a video (latest ad, how it works, dev interview, ambassador report), or an infographic outline of the news announcement, or a relevant section of your roadmap. You’ll get fewer eyes on that one. Those will be people who want more info but are reluctant to click URLs, so make it stick. Embed a vision into their mind’s eye.


Whether you’ll be able to insert a full summary or just a subtitle in this section depends on the publication. Either way, this is the place where you elaborate on the info found in the title. If it’s possible to insert a 2 sentence summary, you’ll have to describe the entire news piece in as few words as possible. The font for this section is frequently bold or otherwise made to stand out from the font used in the rest of the article. And if you are only allowed to use a subtitle, try to add vital information expanding from what you’ve stated in the title. Make sure to avoid repetition. This section tells the reader what it is that you are offering.

1st paragraph

It is standard for a press release to include the location source of the news event along with the date at the very beginning of the article. In the past, the location insert used to apply to any and all news publications. It was a way for news reporters to indicate where they are reporting from for practical reasons as well as a symbol of news media professionalism. There still are newspapers and magazines around the world who apply it.

Again, you’re sticking with the short and to the point approach. The first paragraph is a single sentence reporting on the upcoming event and related current accomplishments. The event, once again, is taking place today or tomorrow (next few days/week). It’s not yesterday’s news. It’s happening now. It’s hot but you are not writing that. You are not describing it using adjectives. You are describing it using statistics, numbers, locations.

Understand that what you are really doing is making an offer. You’re selling it, make them buy it, make them want to reciprocate.

Impress them with the stats:

– Where does your business stand right now?

– What does it have to offer that is beneficial to the readers?

You are making a deal here.

– What would you say if you were the investor presented with that same deal?

– Is it worth the risk?

– Would you put your money on it?

Write as if talking to potentially interested parties face to face in a professional setting.

– Why do they want what you have?

– What’s their benefit?

– What would be your benefit if you were them?

– What’s on the table?

2nd paragraph

As you can see, each section of a press release describes a stage of your proposal in a concentrated manner with the main proposition taking center stage. Keep the second paragraph short, 2 constructive sentences max.

– What is it that you are looking to point out?

– How is that connected to the project and the market overall?

– Why is that particular feature or step in the road of interest/benefit to your prospective investors/customers?

The data: numbers, dates, exact time frames, geographical locations/expansion (territorial expansion, like venturing into x region or gained interest by x group]. You are reporting what is going on but only what is absolutely crucial to your project’s development at this stage and in relation to your target audience.

3rd paragraph

Present a solution to a problem based on provable research and analysis and impress your readers with relevant statistics and other relevant details in 1 or 2 sentences.

– What does your company do?

– What did your research/market analysis show in relation to the solution you are presenting (not a promise but a delivery)?

4th paragraph

Finish in style, leading the readers to the contact info strategically placed below this section. The 4th paragraph is a call to action. Ask the readers to sign up to your newsletter, become an alpha/beta tester, request a demo, sign up to use x at no cost for a set period, view or follow the event at x URL, etc. Ask them to do what you want them to do in context with this particular press release. Make it easy for them to find their way to where you want them to go.

5th paragraph

This isn’t really a paragraph but rather a list of resources typically put together for the press and other parties of interest.


Media contact [title]

– Contact person name and email (ideally one for the press and one for investors)

– Website URL and email (for users/testers, bounty hunters, newsletter sign up)

– Team members’ Linkedin profiles/URLs

– Whitepaper URL

– BitcoinTalk URL (if your ANN includes a bounty, have a bounty page on your official website as well)

– YouTube URL

– Social Media URLs (Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, FB, etc.)


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Free crypto press release submission sites

– ICO Crowd is an ICO news site that publishes ICO press releases, however the website is not solely focused on ICOs. It’s offering its readers blockchain and crypto events news as well, so submitting a non-ICO press release shouldn’t be a problem. There is also no mention of them charging anything to publish a press release.

Send a press release – ICO CROWD – The Disruptive Investors Magazine

– ICO Panic is an ICO news site which welcomes the submission of ICO press releases, ICO news articles and general crypto/blockchain industry news. According to their website, they are happy to receive related news, including announcements, new launches, interviews, reviews and bounty news. As with ICO Crowd, there is no mention of monetary compensation for the publication.

Submit ICO News and Press Releases | ICO Panic

– Crypto Radar is a crypto news and ICO listing site. They accept crypto centered press releases about ICO launches and blockchain projects; blockchain, smart contract and cryptocurrency news; cryptocurrency price predictions and even crypto celebrity endorsements. There is no mention of pricing.

Submit Press Release – Crypto Radar

– CoinScribble is a crypto news site about all things crypto/blockchain, including exchanges, widgets, apps, browsers, file sharing sites, volatility, adoption, use cases, airdrops, ICOs, etc. They allow anyone to post anonymously at not cost. Register and post your press release, promotional article, project update or opinion piece.

How To | CoinScribble | Anonymous Crypto News by the People

Paid crypto press release submission sites

– Coin Connecter accepts paid press release submissions. There is no pricing information on the site.

Submit Press Release | The Bitcoin Investment Source

– Coin Delite is a cryptocurrency news and ICO listing site. They accept paid press release submissions. Pricing details are n/a.

Submit Request | Coindelite Press Releases

– Coin Market Alert accepts press release submisssions. They charge $50 and accept CoinPayments and Paypal.

Submit ICO | CoinMarketAlert

– The Crypto Industry Journal is where you are right now. You can submit a press release for the equivalent of $70 paid in crypto (BTC and various altcoins).

Crypto Content Services | The Crypto Industry Journal @KatarinaCrypto

– Coinist is an ICO directory site with an ICO calendar and ICO charts, which includes the biggest crypto and ICO ROI winners and losers; blockchain, crypto and ICO news; and press releases. A press release costs $99 and they accept BTC, LTC and DASH. They have a list of very strict submission rules so it is best to read them and prepare before submitting your press release. They also offer token listing promo packages ranging from $500 to $2,500 per item.

Submit Your Press Release: ICO, Blockchain & Crypto Blog

– Blockonomi is a FinTech news site with a lot of educational content including crypto mining guides. They are accepting press release submissions and they charge $150 per item.

Submit Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Blog Press Release

– ICO Press Release is a blockchain technology news site. They charge $150 for a press release published within 48 hours or less. There is also a free version which has to be submitted 30 days in advance with no publishing guarantee.

Submit Your ICO Press Release for Free – ICO Press Release

– Coin Gape is a crypto news and ICO listing and review site. They charge $200 for a press release and seem to accept ICO project submissions at no cost.

Submit Press Release of Cryptocurrency, ICOs and Blockchain

Submit ICO Projects For Review | Promotion & Advertisement

– ICO Calendar is an ICO directory site. They also offer blockchain news and crypto marketing packages ranging from $250 to $500 per news item paid in crypto. You can submit a press release or sponsored article about your ICO, cryptocurrency, exchange, announcement, product or service. ICO Calendar is a niche site with a million monthly visitors which makes their pricing model fair, to say the least.

Submit Press Release – ICO CALENDAR – The Leading Initial Coin Offerings Source

– Ethereum World News is a crypto news site with ICO listings and crypto price analysis. They accept press releases and charge the equivalent of $300 paid with BTC or ETH. ICO submissions cost anywhere from $75 to $1,800 per package.

Submit a Press Release – Ethereum World News

Submit ICO – ICO Ethereum World News

– CCN is a crypto/blockchain news site with an ICO calendar and an events calendar. Marketing options include sponsored stories ($1,499-$1,798), press releases ($349), ad placements ($5-$17/CPM) and ICO/event promotions. They accept BTC and PayPal.

Submit a Bitcoin Press Release

Submit a Sponsored Story

– Invest in Blockchain is a crypto news site focused on established utility cryptocurrencies with crypto investment opinion pieces, an ICO calendar and press releases. They charge $500 for a press release and they accept BTC, ETH and Paypal.

Submit a Press Release – Invest In Blockchain

– Crypto Coin News is a crypto news site with crypto and ICO news, press releases, a crypto dictionary, and even a section dedicated to scams. A press release submission costs $600 and they accept BTC, ETH and Paypal. Adding an ICO will cost you $95. Story ideas and articles can be submitten at no cost.

Submit a Press Release | CryptoCoin.News

– ICO Desk is a crypto news site. A press release costs $600 and they accept BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH.

Submit ICO Press Release

– Blokt is a comprehensive crypto site that offers everything from crypto news to ICO reviews, TA/FA articles, press releases and a fun to play crypto 8 ball that acts like a crypto crystal ball (not to be taken seriously, of course). A press release comes with a price tag (0.106 BTC / 1.356 ETH), however, they also accept crypto news article submissions and those are free.

Submit a Press Release for Your ICO, Cryptocurrency or Blockchain Product | Blokt | Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Submit a Post, Story or Tip | [blokt] – Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

– Bitcoin PR Buzz is a crypto marketing and copywriting service. In addition to their crypto press release service in which they send out your press release to 200,000 journalists and a couple hundred FinTech news sites, they also offer everything from article writing and product description to ghost writing. They charge $1,500-$5,000 for their press release packages and they accept BTC, ETH and LTC. Press releases are published on their site as well as on all of the top crypto news sites, AP, Reuters, NBC, Fox, Google News, Bloomberg, online newspapers, social media and many traditional financial news publications around the globe.

Submit Press Release – Bitcoin PR Buzz

– is a website about all things Bitcoin where you can download a Bitcoin wallet, buy and send BTC, and learn about the latest crypto/blockchain developments. You can submit one press release per week and pay with Bitcoin. They also offer a variety of advertising options ranging from $10-$14/CPM.

Submit your press release for $2499! – Bitcoin News

– Coin Telegraph is a crypto/blockchain industry news site with a focus on integration and mainstream acceptance. They publish news, opinion pieces, market analysys, price indexes, an ICO calendar, a cryptopedia and press releases. 1 BTC buys you a basic press release, and for 2 you can get your press release published in 7 languages.

Submit a Press Release | Cointelegraph


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Traditional PR Venues

Don’t limit the success of your project by submitting your press release only to cryptocurrency news sites. Expand your perspective and expose your project to the mainstream but don’t expect miraculous results. According to a Muck Rack survey, only 3% of journalists rely on newswire press releases.

Muck Rack, by the way, is a global media outlet listing hundreds of thousands of media outlets from all corners of the world. It’s a great place to start when looking to expand globally.

Media Outlets | Muck Rack

Traditional paid press release distribution services like PR Web, PR Newswire and eReleases sell press release packages for around $300.

There are also free press release distribution services including Press Release Ping,, Market Press Release, Click Press, News Wire Today, Free Press Release Center, Press Release Post, The Open Press, NPR, Yumpu, Business Wire, Beta News, PR Web, Media Post, PR Log, Open PR, Free Press Release, Online PR News, and many more.


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