Dating on the Blockchain — DWB — New ICO

Dating With Benefits

The other day an interesting ICO caught my attention. It’s called Dating with Benefits (DWB). I wondered what that could be, so I decided to look into it.

What are the benefits?

As it turns out, the benefits in question are somewhat controversial but not uncommon. Wealthy individuals seek out dates who are looking to grow their own wealth, more or less. A form of wealth redistribution, if you will.

Who are the players?

The ICO, which is already established and has a working product, involves multiple parties:

– the company/business operator (dating coach)

– ICO investors who buy the cryptocurrency token called BENEFITS

– BENEFITS market traders

– “sugar” buyers who buy BENEFITS and spend it on dates and gifts

– “sugar” providers who receive BENEFITS and gifts from the buyers

Demand is met by the supply with a touch of romantic intrigue.

Why would something like that require a (blockchain) ledger?

As with any other type of business, precise transaction and liquidity records help improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary expenses.

In this case the blockchain is used as a means of verification. “Sugar” buyers must purchase BENEFITS before they can start interacting with their potential dates. “Sugar” providers can see which buyers own the most BENEFITS and direct their attention accordingly.

Verification, identification and privacy are no longer mutually exclusive. Safety and reliability are further optimized through data encryption and smart contracts on a decentralized blockchain network.

The service also includes optional activity consent contracts, facial recognition, realID, and signup incentives.

Who is this for?

– women

– men

– gay

– straight

– transgender

Where is this service available?

Everywhere. It’s a global community marketplace.

Is this a startup?

No. This is an established company with a working product and 650,000 users lead by a popular dating coach with 12 years of experience in the field. The purpose of the ICO is to grow the company, upgrade the technology and continue to expand on a global scale.

Additional plans include partnering with the most successful online dating sites. Expected roll out is set for September 2018.

When moon lambo?

Maybe a year from now. Learn more by visiting and their announcement page.

For those unfamiliar with crypto slang, moon refers to a considerable rise in price within a short amount of time. Crypto traders are a hungry bunch. Making 4x your money is not considered moon. 10x is. Lambo (making gains big enough to buy a Lamborghini) would be 100x the original investment and beyond.

What if I can’t afford Dating with Benefits (DWB)?

No worries. Verge cryptocurrency (XVG) just partnered up with Mindgeek’s Pornhub. You can buy super cheap memberships and comparatively inexpensive online dates with cam girls and, I think, even buy them gifts with XVG (or tip them, not sure).

XVG is a good example of an almost moon. The price shot up over 4x within 3 weeks. After the partnership announcement it tanked despite having partnered with Tokenpay as well recently.

Tokenpay, a decentralized anonymous payment platform, currently has multiple fascinating partnerships and acquisitions in the works which include banking, gaming, a debit card (with XVG and TPAY), a gift card and more.


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