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Iconiq Lab is a decentralized global venture capital group consisting of investment managers who provide capital, educational training and legal support to crypto and blockchain projects from their offices in Berlin, Frankfurt, NYC and Singapore.

Their goal is to help grow the crypto and blockchain industry by empowering and protecting crypto investors and thereby driving more investment into the crypto economy.

ICO accelerator

What does an ICO and crypto incubator or accelerator do?
– conducts research and analysis of the startup
– helps further ICO development
– optimizes the offer (utility, whitepaper, cryptocurrency, blockchain, smart contract and other tech/business elements)
– provides legal assistance
– mentors and funds the startup
– supports crowdfunding (ICO) efforts
– acts as a third party thus protecting investors’ interests

Iconiq Lab

Iconiq Lab helps the ICO build a community of fans by organizing events, meetups and open discussion sessions. The ICO gets access to experts and potential partners. It’s a mutually beneficial endeavor, ensuring short and long term success for both parties and frequently leading to record breaking funding results and prosperous partnerships.

Accelerator program

It should be noted that Iconiq Lab is highly selective when it comes to choosing the startups they wish to work with.
The carefully selected ICOs are obligated to participate in a 12 week accelerator program which prepares them for the crowdfunding process and the launch of their project.


In order to apply for the Iconiq Lab accelerator program, a startup must:
– produce a business plan
– have a minimum viable product developed
– demonstrate that their project is based on a valid business model with sustainable growth

ICNQ Token

The ICNQ token is estimated to be worth $1 at this time and is expected to be valued at $2.50 upon launch. Of the 17 million ICNQ tokens, 5.7 million have already been sold. 3 million ICNQ tokens will be sold to private, institutional, and accredited investors.


Investors join Iconiq Lab and become club members. As members, they purchase ICNQ tokens and invest them in participating ICOs. They also gain access to members-only research and progress reports as well as private discounts and bonuses.

Working product ICO

Iconiq Lab is an established company with a working product ICO. They are already working with the following startups:
– Taas Fund
– GlobalBased
– Tople
– BrainCities
– Wunder
– Vreo
– HealthBase
– UniBright
– UpTick


Iconiq Lab partners include:
– FinLab
– Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange
– Santiment
– LDJ Capital
– Token As A Service
– Frankfurt School Blockchain Center
– CoinFirm
– Liquet
– Blockchain Bundesverband
– F6S
– Solidified

Learn more

To learn more, visit:
Iconiq Lab – Venture Capital. Decentralized.


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