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Let’s face it. Crypto trading is time consuming. You have to sign up with a bunch of exchanges, figure out which cryptos to buy, when to buy and when to sell each of those cryptos, all the while keeping an eye on the price of Bitcoin, which lately has been completely unpredictable.

And, unless you are a day trader, there’s a ton of research involved as well. Before and after you’ve taken a position and set your limit sell, you’re spending time checking CoinMarketCap and Reddit and Twitter and exchanges and your go-to Telegram groups and channels. And let’s not forget Discord. And BitcoinTalk.

What if you’ve set the sell at 15% but the crypto moons or tanks?

What if you missed the dip by a little and the market being so volatile eats up 20% of your investment and now you have to decide whether to sit on it for weeks or months waiting for a pump to dump, or sell now, lose money and try to regain your investment by buying this other crypto?

What if that one tanks and the one you decided to sell at a loss suddenly spikes?

What if you decided to hold and managed to sell at profit but then bought something else that tanked? Or didn’t but Bitcoin tanked? Or you put your gains in USDT and Bitcoin just happened to recover from a dip while you were on a two day break from crypto costing you another 10% in missed gains?

Time is money

All of the above cost you your money and your time. What if there was a platform where you could trade, check your stats, get your research, social input, charts, TA, and a personal crypto trading mentor? What if you also had the option to copy a pro of your choice based on his/her percentage gains (portfolio ROI %) with a single click of a button?


In comes the Makeafolio ICO. Created by traders for trader and anyone interested in crypto trading and investing. Their goal is to create a platform that will level the playing field for crypto traders struggling with the time/money dilemma and to help make crypto investments easy for people new to crypto, thus helping crypto go mainstream.

Copy trading

Makefolio is made for newbies and pros alike. Users are ranked automatically based on their portfolio ROI and pros are rewarded for allowing less advanced traders to copy their trades. This means that the most successful traders are copied by the highest number of traders and the added volume increases the likelihood of those trades being profitable.

Mentor program

While your money is making you more while saving you a bunch of time, you can kill some time with Makefolio’s interactive tutorials and one-on-one mentoring. If you are an experienced trader you can share your know-how, and if you’re a newbie, you can work with a mentor and learn all about crypto trading. Through this program, a newbie can become a crypto expert and mentor others.

Makeafolio Social

Currently, the only social elements available on crypto exchanges are sidebar chats and voting for a new coin to be listed. The Makefolio platform plans to offer more:
– customizable profile page
– images
– charts
– technical analysis
– top performing coins
– polls
– memes

Makeafolio Directories

Instead of having to head over to CoinMarketCap or an ICO directory site, you can find crypto and ICO ranking and rating resources right on Makeafolio, once again, saving you time.


Instead of a typical cryptocurrency exchange, Makeafolio will be a simple crypto conversion platform where you deposit BTC, LTC or ETH to be converted into the Makeafolio MAF token. With the MAF token you can quickly create your Makeafolio portfolio by selecting the cryptos you want, along with wallets and diversification ratios (percentage of your portfolio for each crypto). And voila, you’ve instantly diversified your crypto portfolio.

Makeafolio Track

To keep an eye on your investment, the tracker shows you things like a live chart, overall performance, entry/current price, total value and 24 hour performance percentage. Basically, your typical balance data.

It would be ideal if stats like entry in fiat or USDT and performance percentage from entry to now were available as well. Or, at least weekly and monthly performance percentage along with the 24 hour performance percentage. Perhaps something for the suggestions box.

MAF token

– ERC20
– total supply: 100 million
– 1 MAF = ~$0.35
– users buy MAF to build their Makeafolio portfolio
– mentors and pros earn MAF


The Makefolio pre-sale starts a month from now, on the 1st of July 2018 and lasts until September 2018. The main sale takes place September through December 2018. KYC is mandatory, but there are no country restrictions. Private beta will be released in May 2019 and the public beta in July 2019.

Learn more

MAKEAFOLIO – All in one cryptocurrency management
Telegram – Makeafolio


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