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Getting your cryptocurrency listed on exchanges is not quite as simple. The crypto market is swamped with cryptos and exchanges need to spend time and resources to make your cryptocurrency available for trading.

While investors, and more specifically traders, seek quick, profitable trades, exchanges nowadays are more interested in the quality and popularity of a given cryptocurrency.

Supply must be met by demand and demand in FinTech is created by combining innovation with usefulness. It’s good to have something unique, new and interesting to offer, accompanied by a community of supportive followers.

The community must believe that a given cryptocurrency is worth their time and money. A strong community is one in which members actively promote the benefits of their favorite cryptocurrency and choose to buy and hold it long term.

The dev team’s technological background, experience and reputation are of essence as well.

Before submitting a listing request with exchanges, however, prepare your own list of specs and notes as follows:

– have a verified trading account at the exchange

– Howey Test (cannot be/resemble a security; cannot mention profit as a feature)

– cryptocurrency name and ticker symbol

– cryptocurrency description and utility

– cryptocurrency website, whitepaper, email, and logo URL

– the date was the project launched

– community (size, level of activity, social media accounts, Reddit, BitcoinTalk)

– where else it’s available for trading/being traded/other exchanges

– transaction fee

– initial price

– market capitalization

– total supply

– circulating supply

– token distribution

– project funding sources (ICO, community/crowdfund, VC, private investors)

– premine

– protocol (POW, POS)

– wallet

– testnet/mainet

– Github source code, audit

– blockchain explorer/API

– algorithm

– block time

– number of blocks

– programming language

– smart contract address

– decimals

Depending on the exchange, lead devs and/or community members can apply for a listing, request a listing, suggest a listing or vote for a cryptocurrency to be listed. In many cases either option requires a certain amount of capital. And while there are rumors of exchanges demanding $1 million per listing many exchanges don’t seem to charge anything at all.


According to their website, Bittrex does not charge a new cryptocurrency listing fee.
How do I submit a token to Bittrex for listing? – Bittrex Support


Apply To List – Huobi.Pro


OKEx Token Listing – Help center


Coinbase announced that it will be adding a number of ERC20 tokens to its GDAX exchange in 2018.
Coinbase/GDAX Digital Asset Framework
Coinbase | Email Us
GDAX | Email Us


Binance is about to open a decentralized wing of their exchange by the name of Binance Chain and this will hopefully make listing easier and cheaper.
Listing a Coin on – Binance
Binance – New Requests


Add token / HitBTC

Buy cryptocurrencies with your Visa card on HitBTC


According to their website, Poloniex does not accept payment for a cryptocurrency listing.
Poloniex – Bitcoin/Digital Asset Exchange – Contact Us
Requests » New Coin Request » Circle Asset Listing Form
How can I get a coin listed on Poloniex? : Support Center


How to list a coin on KuCoin – KuCoin Help Center
KuCoin Help Center
KuCoin – Bitcoin Exchange: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, KCS


Livecoin – Coin listing


Contact Us – Cryptocurrency Exchange and Bitcoin(BTC) trading platform. Buy, sell, margin!
» Business proposal and listing


IDEX – Decentralized Ethereum Asset Exchange
Scroll down to the bottom of the page » Submit token


Cryptopia has something called Paytopia where they offer cryptocurrency listing packages with a price tag of around $80,000.
Cryptopia – Paytopia


YoBit.Net Add Coin

Listing Request – – The Gate of Blockchain Assets Exchange


Coinfloor Support


C-CEX gives the option to suggest a new cryptocurrency and upvote it through collective donations ranging from 0-3 BTC. – Crypto-currency exchange / MultiWallet



Protect your privacy with the Brave Browser and DuckDuckGo when trading cryptocurrencies on Binance, Kucoin, HitBTC and QuantaDEX.


ACX – Listing Application


Tradesatoshi – Support


How to get your coin listed on COBINHOOD Exchange


Add your own coin to! Over 19.000 customers


The Nanex exchange does not accept ERC20 tokens and appears to charge between 1 and 5 BTC per listing.
What is required for an asset to be listed on Nanex? – Nanex

OpenLedger DEX

OpenLedger – Decentralized Asset Exchange
» list your coin

Cryptobridge DEX

CryptoBridge – Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange


I Want a Coin Added to ShapeShift – Can You Help? – ShapeShift Help Center
» Asset Request Form


How to manually add an ERC20 token? : Coinomi Support


Listing | BTC-Alpha


Getting a cryptocurrency listed on Mercatox will cost you 0.5 BTC and above.
MERCATOX – Adding Coins
MERCATOX – Coins – List


How to add new coin to KUNA Exchange


User Suggestions – CoinPulse Exchange (Add Your Coin)


On BitBay, the community can upvote a new cryptocurrency and the winner gets a free listing.
Add your coin or token on BitBay! – Bitcoin Exchange | BitBay


Quanta offers new cryptocurrency submission and free voting.
QUANTA – Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange
» Token voting » Submit token

Next – Decentralized trading platform for cryptocurrencies and ICO tokensale
» List your token on
Suggest your favorite cryptocurrency and the winner gets a free listing | Decentralized Exchange
» Scroll down to the bottom of the page » Apply to list

Last but not least

Before applying for a listing on exchanges, try getting your cryptocurrency listed on Coin Market Cap (or an alternative). It it doesn’t work, have it listed on there as soon as you get your first exchange listing. It is essential for traders and investors to be able to see your cryptocurrency stats and charts on a third party charting website so that’s a major priority!


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