How To Get Your Cryptocurrency Listed On Crypto Ranking Sites

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Just like cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurency ranking sites have specific requirements which your cryptocurrency needs to meet and these vary from site to site. So, before you rush off to get listed, consider putting together a list of specs and info you can then use to simplify the process.

Cryptocurrency listing criteria set by crypto ranking sites may include any of the following:

– must be a crypto coin or a crypto token

– must be listed on a publicly accessible cryptocurrency exchange

– must be actively traded for market price and volume info

– must have an exact circulating supply

– must have a minimum daily trading volume of $100,000

Typical request form information

– contact info (name, email)

– cryptocurrency name

– cryptocurrency ticker symbol

– cryptocurrency website

– cryptocurrency social media URLs (Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Discord, Youtube, Facebook, Gitter, etc.)

– exchanges

– logo URL

– BitcoinTalk or similar forum announcement URL

– total supply in real time (URL)

– distribution (block explorer URL/addresses)

– Github or similar source code depository (URL)

– algorithm

– proof type

– premined (yes/#/no)

– mineable (yes/no)


CoinMarketCap is the number one crypto ranking site. Getting listed there is a top priority for the devs because it’s the first site traders and investors are going to use to check out a cryptocurrency. You can see all the specs, charts, exchanges and social media feeds (Twitter and Reddit) in one place, as well as hourly, daily and weekly percentage gains. If a cryptocurrency looks good on there, research is typically expanded to external sources of information linked to from within CoinMarketCap.

CoinMarketCap | FAQ

CoinMarketCap | Request


LiveCoinWatch is another excellent crypto ranking site with a wide variety of specs and links, including Telegram, whitepaper, ATH, percentage gain/loss from ATH, precise (down to the minute) Fiat price charting, and hourly, daily, weekly and monthly percentage gains.

Unlike CoinMarketCap, listing a cryptocurrency on LiveCoinWatch is short and sweet and can be done by devs and fans alike.

Live Coin Watch | Cryptocurrency Prices & Market Cap List


CoinLib is a crypto ranking and crypto news site. While most sites list fewer than 2,000 cryptocurrencies, CoinLib lists more than 4,000! It also has a number of practical tools and widgets, including a cryptocurrency converter (crypto to crypto, crypto to fiat, and fiat to crypto), price alerts, portfolio trackers, and more.


MoonStats lets anyone request a cryptocurrency to be listed. As with fan voting on exchanges, chances of a listing are increased when many people request it.

Cryptocurrency Prices & Charts | Moonstats
Scroll to the bottom of the page » Menu » Coin request


Bitgur has some really interesting tools, including a crypto market volatility chart and a list of 112 wallets complete with the types of cryptos they hold and download stats.

Register coin | Bitgur


CoinGecko requires a major exchange listing in order for them to consider listing your cryptocurrency on their website.

How can I add new Coins on CoinGecko Homepage? | CoinGecko


Coin Request | Word Coin Index


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