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So you’ve decided to buy some crypto. You’ve read all the advice you could find, including never to invest what you can’t afford to lose. You’ve read up on how to buy crypto or, at least, bitcoin… and now what?

The what, when and how

You’ve covered a lot of ground only to discover that there’s a sea of info about how to buy crypto and just as many tips on what to buy, but then you keep seeing that four letter abbreviation – DYOR – which makes sense but really doesn’t because no one seems to want to give a simple explanation on how to do your own research in order to decide what to buy and when.

Not to mention when to sell. Or how to sell. Do you just dump the whole bag or sell it in increments, just in case? And let’s not forget the option to trade at, below or above the price. You may have even tried to trade a coin and failed because you got in when everyone was buying (and selling) and either ended up empty handed while trying to outbid the ever increasing asking price or were left holding a bag after the price suddenly tanked.

Day trading

While doing my own research I once came across a comment that said something like trading is war. Don’t remember exactly if it read investing is war or trading is war, but I got the point. Whether you trade for the day or buy a bag to HODL for a few months or a few years, you have to figure out the best times to get in and out. And, yes, many HODLers eventually do get out.

A day trade can last anywhere from a couple of minutes to a couple of days. The goal is to make a tiny percentage on a trade as quickly as possible. Doing research may or may not be necessary because you can simply follow the green and evaluate the chart. If you ad research into the mix, you can reduce the number of trades and increase the percentage gains while focusing on a single event and the momentum it creates.

Short to mid-term investing

Here you’d typically go for the dip. You’ve probably heard of people who always buy the dip. This doesn’t mean that you go and buy random REKT coins. Instead you DYOR, focus on chart history and the market as a whole.

What direction is the market taking?
What’s going on with Bitcoin and regulation/integration?
What does the coin’s chart history look like?
What’s going on with the coin you’re looking at?
What is happening now and in the next couple of months?
Are there any upcoming events, updates, upgrades or partnerships on the horizon?
Does the coin get a lot of attention on social and, if so, why?

HODL (hold for dear life)

For the longest time, HODLing worked well with PoW coins that could be mined profitably over an extended period of time. This is no longer the case. Staking has become the new mining. HODLers are now fishing for affordable Proof of Stake coins and more Proof of Work coin communities are expected to offer masternodes in order to make their coins more attractive to HODLers.

To find the best coins to HODL, investors typically spend much more time learning about the coin and the tech, including things like utility, use cases, performance, security, transaction speed and, above all, profitability.

With a PoS coin you have to take a look at how much you have to invest in order to own a masternode and what the ROI (dividend) looks like based on where the coin is now and what the plan is to increase its value over time. Where it has been listed thus far and what the roadmap looks like. And, not to forget, how long you get to earn dividends. Don’t assume that just because you own a masternode, that you’ll be earning dividends forever.


Protect your privacy with the Brave Browser and DuckDuckGo when trading cryptocurrencies on Binance, Kucoin, HitBTC and QuantaDEX.

Buy the rumor sell the news

Many crypto investors have tried to take advantage of this one to no avail. The reason is that you have to do a ton of research to learn about the rumors that pan out. And the rumors aren’t really rumors. They are news in the making, i.e. upcoming events.

Profiting from them means knowing about them months in advance while closely following the charts, the market, the social sentiment and buying and selling with caution in increments. During this process, it is not uncommon for those looking to accumulate a coin to also sell in between so as to buy more at a lower price, which is also the reason why price movements are followed obsessively.

DYOR (shortcut)

So how do save time and find all the future information in advance and for free? It’s simple. Check the Coin Market Calendar and look at upcoming events about to occur in the next few days and all the way to the year 2022, depending on what types of trades you are looking for.

On there, you can see when the event was added and how many people voted to validate its accuracy. You can see the proof, the source and where to buy the coin, as well as the charts and the time frame of the votes. In other words, you can see if the future event is real and how popular it is, along with any other upcoming events for a given coin.

You can either discover a coin this way or use the site to look up a coin you’ve discovered elsewhere.

The Coin Market Calendar is like the crystal ball of crypto. If you combine the information found on CoinMarketCal with the information from CoinMarketCap, exchanges, crypto news sites, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Reddit and coin websites, you’ll get an understanding of the importance of DYOR.

Learn more

CoinMarketCal – Cryptocurrency Calendar


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