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The third decentralized social platform that caught my attention is called Presiam. It’s a Facebook-like social media platform on a private blockchain with a 50/50 member ad revenue share.

The Facebook of crypto that pays crypto

The future success of social media lies in the industry’s willingness to share revenues with their users. Let’s face it. Profit producing social media companies are nothing but high traffic advertising platforms.

It could be said that advertisers are social media’s bread and butter and yet this is only possible thanks to the millions of users who invest their time posting and sharing content and inviting friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances to join and do the same. It’s the ultimate viral marketing concept. It just seems that the ones who give the most, get the least and it is time to level the playing field.

In comes Presiam

A free social app with its own cryptocurrency (PRSM), built in wallet, exchange, staking, social profiles, groups, pages, user selected ads with a 50% revenue share, and even a referral program. Who could possibly ask for more?

Oh, and wait, you get to own your data as well. That’s right. Your information and your content is yours to remove, delete, export, import, whatever.

You, as a user are a member and a publisher. You, just like Presiam and the advertisers and the investors, are there to make money and have fun while at it.

The Presiam socal app

– IOS and Android

– like and share content (text, video, images)

– follow friends

– form and join groups

– create branded pages (brands, creatives, personalities, orgnanizations, clubs)

– network (learn, teach, share ideas, build connections)

– friend feed

– earn anywhere, anytime

– 50% paid out to you from the ads you choose to show to your follwers (primary earnings: ~ $15/month)

– you choose the ads so they match your theme (niche advertising)

– option to disable ads

– invite people (via phone/email) to join Presiam and earn refferal commissions (additional earnings: ~ $1.50/friend)

– built in Presiam token (PRSM) staking (additional earnings)

– Presiam social app cryptocurrency exchange with PRSM, ETH and BTC (additional earnings if you know/learn how to trade)

The PRSM token

The Presiam token, PRSM, is not an ERC20 token running on the Ethereum blockchain. Instead, PRSM has its own private proprietary blockchain. Typically, such a token would be a coin, but because of the extensive utility of PRSM, it is classified as a utility token.

The total global supply of the Presiam token – PRSM – is 600 million. While there is an ongoing bounty, the Presiam project is not an ICO. Instead, funds are allocated privately. You can find more on that toward the end of this article.

No ICO means no initial mass sell off. All revenue earned and shared is received and paid in PRSM.

– team members and investors receive PRSM

– bounty hunters are paid in PRSM

– advertisers pay for advertising space with PRSM

– the company is paid their 50% revenue share in PRSM

– publishers (platform users) are paid their 50% ad revenue share and referral commissions in PRSM

– platform users who stake PRSM within the app get their staking dividend paid in PRSM

– platform users can send each other PRSM within the app

– platform users can exchange their PRSM within the app for other cryptocurrencies

– traders on external exchanges can buy and sell PRSM

PRSM price appreciation

PRSM is a POS (proof of stake) token. In order to make the most gains staking the token, it is necessary to hold as many tokens as possible. This means that you have to earn and or purchase as many tokens as possible in order to earn as much dividend as possible. Earning through staking, i.e. POS ‘mining’ is directly correlated to the amount of tokens you hold.

Selling PRSM or exchanging PRSM for other crypto therefore defeats the purpose.

More tokens held for staking means less tokens available for trading on exchanges, which also causes the price to rise or to remain stable. If the price rises over time, in addition to tokens earned through staking (and those earned through the ad revenue share program), your portfolio grows in value. Sharing this information with your network of friends and followers brings in additional earnings through, both, referral commissions and further price appreciation as more people buy PRSM.

Staking PRSM

The PRSM in app staking interface is a simple, set and forget feature. It includes options to stake while charging, stake using WiFi, auto transfer it to your in app PRSM wallet, etc.

PRSM wallet with a built in cryptocurrency exchange

This feature, together with the in app PRSM wallet, acts like a Coinomi or Changelly alternative because its integrated with ShapeShift. With ShapeShift you can exchange PRSM for 40 other cryptocurrencies, all within the Presiam app.

How will Presiam make money?

Through ads. Presiam as a company is an advertising platform specializing in highly targeted social media advertising. As members, we get a social media platform that pays us in multiple ways, while Presiam makes money selling advertising space to big and small advertisers. This, in addition to earnings from staking and referrals.

What is Presiam to a member?

It’s a social media publishing platform in which you are the publisher and as such earn half the revenues generated by the advertising you choose to show to your audience.

What is Presiam to someone who is new to crypto?

An opportunity to enter the cryptocurrency market without spending a dime and build your crypto portfolio through simple social media participation. It’s a place where you can learn about the crypto market and share what you have learned, ask questions, provide answers and network with like minded people. With Presiam, you can earn while you learn.

What is Presiam to an investor?

The Presiam team is currently looking for private investors. The minimum investment is set at $5,000 and it buys you an ownership stake in the company (Presiam Management, LLC) and a certain amount of PRSM tokens. The funding goal is set at $1.2 million of which 20% have already been secured, according to the Presiam website.


What is Presiam to a content creator?

The Presiam mobile platform is the perfect tool for content creators. You can turn your social media profile on Presiam into a niche/special interest micro blog and gradually grow it into a group or a brand page with a niche following. The income you generate with your selection of ads shown to your followers, along with the income from PRSM staking and referrals, make up a little business on the side for some extra cash or a long term investment.

What is Presiam to a marketer?

Presiam is a social media marketer’s dream come true. Niche marketing perfected. Imagine an affiliate marketing platform with a social media platform attached to it and a 50% affiliate commission across the board. That’s Presiam for you.

What is Presiam to a small advertiser?

Have you ever thought that you needed to spend more in order to successfully advertise your work, product or service? What if there was a platform that made it possible for you to earn your advertising budget before spending it? With Presiam you can make money by creating, posting and sharing your content first and then use those earnings to pay for your own promoted content.

What is Presiam to a big advertiser?

A constantly growing advertising space with hyper targeted ads shown to prospects who have actively expressed an interest in what you have to offer.

A type of market that will attract influencers and social media marketers who will support you in exchange for a fair compensation. You will pay for the advertising space and get the marketing for free.

Existing advertisers include Rackspace, GoPro, Hostgator, Luxcess, Niche Ad Network,, LunarPages, Lyft, WPcryptox, Advandate Dating Solutions, ShapeShift, Braziliex, StumpTown, Starbucks and Uber.

Presiam Whitepaper


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