Upcoming ZClassic – Anonymous Bitcoin (ZCL/ANON) Fork: September 10th, 2018

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Less than three months from now (6/18/18), ZClassic is going to fork again. This time the resulting privacy coin is going to be Anynomous Bitcoin, ANON.

Those who followed or participated in the previous fork which resulted in BTCP (Bitcoin Private), need not be worried.

Rhett Creighton is not involved this time and has long moved on from ZClassic to Primecoin (XPM). Rumor has it that he’s busy forking Primecoin into Bitcoin Prime.


If you’re wondering what the point of yet another fork is, consider that Bitcoin Core (BTC) is neither private nor stakable.

And let’s not forget (and who could, anyway) the sorry state of the market.

Gains are still made by miners if they can manage the rising expenses of having to constantly buy new, expensive hardware.


It’s said that staking is the new mining, but you have to own 1,000 coins to do it, which means you either have to have half a mil lying around to stake a solid coin like DASH or you can stake a sub-cent coin in hopes it eventually gets listed on a real exchange.

This is where ANON comes in. Not only can you get one ZCL for tens bucks, but you only need 100 ZCL to get 100 ANON which buys you a masternode to stake at a rate of 35% of the block reward. Talk about easy passive income :)


And if you are a miner, you still get a block reward of 65% because ANON is a POW/POS hybrid – a Proof of Work coin with masternodes. There is no premine and coins will be burned in January 2019.


The privacy feature is the same as with ZCL and BTCP, something BTC does not have.

It should be noted that the privacy feature is optional, something having to do with pleasing major exchanges.


And, on the topic of exchanges… The most unique benefit the ANON team (dev team lead is none other than Sam Abbassi) offers, that literally no one else does, is this:

  • Supporting exchanges will be announced 2 weeks before the snapshot!

Mark this date in your calendar:

  • 8/15/2018

P.S. Feel free to share the following infographic (https://i.imgur.com/hsJr2eN.png):



Learn more

Anonymous Bitcoin | ANON | Whitepaper



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