Ginseng – The Immortality Herb And Cure For All Ills – Also A Beautifying Agent?

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Ginseng root, ginseng leaves and ginseng extracts have long been used to increase energy, vitality, fertility and stamina in traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurvedic medicine. It is believed that it took about three thousand years for ginseng to gain popularity in the western hemisphere. In the Americas, ginseng had at first been used by Native American tribes. In Europe, it is said to have been introduced by ancient herb and spice traders. Today, ginseng is readily available in most western countries where it is consumed by millions of people. Worldwide, some 80,000 tons of ginseng are consumed each and every year. The list of ginseng products sold on the market today is endless, to say the least. In addition to the pharmaceutical and alternative medicine industries, ginseng has become a common ingredient in nutritional supplements, foods, snacks, beverages and even skin and beauty products.

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As one of the most popular adaptogenic herbs in the world, ginseng is used as a preventative as well as in the treatment of almost every health issue known to man. To name a few:

– Organ health (lungs, spleen and heart)

– Respiratory health

– Central nervous system health

– Cardiovascular health

– Immune system health

– Women’s health

– Men’s health

– Endocrine system health

– Sexual health

– Blood pressure balance

– Holistic balance (homeostasis)

– Digestive health

– Muscle and joint health

– Athletic performance

– Skin and hair beauty

– Youthful energy and appearance

– Anti-aging, youthful aging and longevity

– Weight management

– Diabetes, cancer, tumors, infections and inflammation

The belief in ancient times was that ginseng is a cure for all ailments. Traditionally, ginseng is said to strengthen what is known as vital energy or life force (qi, chi, prana, ka). While this may sound a little vague, ginseng seems to help expand the lungs thereby allowing more oxygen into the body (and brain) which is one of the processes that may explain it’s pain and stress relieving effect. The result is an overall improved well being, better quality sleep, an improved mental and emotional balance and hormonal balance. Those improvements, in turn, then lead to more physical and mental energy.
In China it is common for people to consume ginseng daily, mainly as a preventative measure. One of the top reasons is the desire to slow down aging and to age gracefully.

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Ginseng is increasingly being added to a large variety of skin and hair products. When it comes to skincare it is said to do the following:

– Reduce wrinkles

– Rejuvenate skin

– Speed up skin cell regeneration

– Help hydrate the skin

– Detoxify skin

– Increase circulation

– Increase oxygen levels

– Boost collagen production

– Reduce dark circles and age spots

– Brighten skin complexion

– Heal and repair skin

– Reduce acne, eczema, sunburn and razor rash

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When it comes to hair and scalp health, ginseng is used topically to alleviate issues including dandruff, itching, thinning hair, damaged hair, slow growing hair, and even hair loss.


Chronic stress and poor sleep or lack of sleep are believed to contribute to chronic inflammation and a weakened immune system. Symptoms of chronic inflammation and an overworked immune system include hair loss and adult acne. Firstly, ginseng possesses anti-inflammatory properties which help keep chronic inflammation in check. Secondly, ginseng is well known for it’s immunity boosting power. Thirdly, ginseng stimulates GABA receptors thereby indirectly causing an improvement in sleep quality, the ability to easily fall asleep, etc. And fourthly, a connection has been established between sleep deprivation and adult acne, so that, as one sleeps better, acne diminish.

Furthermore, ginseng, or in this case ginsenosides, to be more precise, raise levels of nitric oxide which also reduces the appearance of acne. And, on that note, a key player here is the amino acid arginine which itself helps stimulate the human grown hormone which has regenerating and rejuvenating effects on the body (and the skin) and improves sleep quality. Ginseng is known to help balance hormones which in many cases means increasing the production of HGH. In this instance, one can boost the effects of ginseng by supplementing with a combination of arginine, ornithine, lysine, and glutamine. Ideally, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and in pure (unflavored) powder form stirred into a 1/4 glass of water.

Other herbs believed to increase the natural production of the human growth hormone include: gingko biloba, mucuna pruriens (velvet bean), licorice root, agnus castus, chaste berry, tribulus terrestris, horny goat weed, astragalus, and ashwagandha.

Frequently, the same herbs that are said to raise HGH also help raise free testosterone, which explains the toned, supple and overall more youthful look ginseng consumption produces. It must, however, be noted that the positive changes take time to come into effect. In fact, it can take anywhere from several weeks to a few months for results to show.

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Other substances used to treat hair and scalp issues include clay, seaweed, silica, collagen, bone meal, vitamin A, vitamin E tocopherol, vitamin C (or C ester), B vitamins, chamomile, aloe vera, hibiscus, saw palmetto, horsetail, nettle, oat straw, fenugreek, basil, holy basil, burdock, arnica, ginger, henna, lemongrass, lemon balm, hops (also, beer), unfiltered olive or coconut oil, flaxseed oil, castor oil, apple cider vinegar, whole eggs, egg white, egg yolk, and soap nut.


Different types of ginseng are grown in Siberia, China, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and North America, and each is unique in its nutrient content and medicinal properties. Asian ginseng is known as Panax ginseng. The most popular Asian ginseng seems to be Korean ginseng. There are 3 types of Korean ginseng: red, black and white. Red Korean Panax ginseng is believed to be the most potent, even though there are claims that American ginseng entails several more types of ginsenosides when compared to the red Korean Panax ginseng. Certain types of ginseng contain ginsenosides, while others contain eleutherosides. Frequently, eleutheroside-containing ginseng is labeled as ‘eleuthero’ instead of ‘ginseng’.

Ginsenosides are said to be effective for physical health issues. Eleutherosides are believed to be more effective stress relievers. Ginsenosides and eleutherosides are saponins. Saponins possess a wide range of health promoting properties.


Most of the mass market ginseng available today is neither fresh nor pure and therefore by far not as potent as it should be. Fresh, locally sourced ginseng or eleuthero may turn out to be a better investment.

Further, like many medicinal herbs, ginseng should not be taken with pharmaceuticals.

It may also be a good idea to cycle ginseng, perhaps with other herbs or amino acids.

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Medicinal properties of saponins (ginsenosides, eleutherosides and others):

– Antioxidant

– Antibacterial

– Antiviral

– Antifungal

– Anti-mutagenic

– Anti-cancer

– Anti-tumor

– Anti-inflammatory

– Cleansing, detoxifying

– Hormone balancing

– Metabolism promoting

– Mood balancing

– Energy balancing

– Bone and joint protective

– Blood sugar balancing

– Blood pressure balancing

– Immunity boosting

– Preventative health

– Homeostasis promoting

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– Akebia

– Alfalfa

– Aralia mandshurica

– Arjuna

– Bacopa monnieri

– Common daisy

– Corn silk

– Cowslip

– Dong quai

– Wild yam

– Drimia maritima (squill)

– Fenugreek

– Figwort

– Foxglove

– Horse chestnut

– Lobelia

– Ipecacuanha

– Jiaogulan

– Mullein

– Panax ginseng

– Tribulus terrestris

– Sarsaparilla

– Silver birch

– Soapberry (fruit)

– Soapwort root

– Soap root

– Snakeroot

– Beth root

– Bupleurum root

– Collinsonia root

– Licorice root

– Osha root

– Polygala tenuifolia root

– Yucca root

– Yarrow


– Asparagus

– Beans

– Red onion

– Peas

– Peanuts

– Paprika (spice)

– Agave (edible cactus)

– Beetroot

– Oats

– Spinach

– Jujube (fruit)

– Quinoa

– Tomatoes

– Yam


Saponins can be found in various types of cosmetics, soaps and detergents, as well as in food and agricultural products.

They are added to moisturizers, eczema products, facial masks, facial treatments, facial cleansers, shampoos, conditioners, bath soaps, detox formulas, herbal formulas, nutritional supplements, dish liquids, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, liquid soaps, natural pesticides, and natural insecticides.

Saponins are also added to root beer, beer, ice cream, mayonnaise, sauces, dressings, and candy.

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Other common ingredients which have shown to have a rejuvenating effect on skin:


Coffee is said to have a rejuvenating and regenerating effect on skin when applied topically. The result is a more glowing, younger looking skin with fewer visible lines and wrinkles. It acts as a picker upper for your skin, giving you a cheap and quick all-natural face lift. And, as an added bonus, it might simultaneously stop your headache.

The cleansing and beautifying power of coffee is attributed to the antioxidants and vitamins contained in it, including caffeine, cafestol, phenols and niacin.

In addition to helping fight free radicals, topical coffee treatments help reduce puffiness, redness, under eye dark circles and photoaging damage.

A coffee infused skin preparation also acts as an exfoliant. It speeds up the removal of dead skin cells exposing much smoother skin that had been hiding beneath. And, on top of it all, coffee is a diuretic. It leads to the removal of excess fluid which brings out an even silkier, smoother appearance.

By the way, for those who choose to steer clear of coffee for whatever reason, cacao powder (pure cacao, not chocolate) can act as an alternative as they share numerous qualities.


Vitamin C is one of the best researched antioxidant vitamins. It, both, prevents and diminishes the effects of photoaging. Vitamin C also reduces free radical damage and increases the production of collagen, making the skin softer, smoother, firmer, brighter and clearer.


Coldpressed argan oil is a nutrient rich, edible oil frequently added to skin and hair products. It contains essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and acts as a hair and skin moisturizer and softener. It’s also used to heal minor skin issues and to help regenerate and rejuvenate mature skin.


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